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Positioning and Tracking "Positioning and Tracking" Technology of Overprint Press
- 2020-07-02-

Today, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, people are increasingly demanding the intelligent autonomy of mechanical equipment. They even hope that it can completely replace the role of people and liberate people from heavy and dangerous work tasks. And the ability to perceive the surrounding environment like a human is the key to realize the intelligent autonomy of the device, and the positioning and tracking overprinting press is a good practice for this.

The "location tracking" technology in a broad sense refers to a method (image recognition, infrared, ultrasonic, etc.) to locate an object photographed with a camera and instruct the camera to track it so that it falls into the camera's field of view. The narrow sense of "location tracking" technology uses what we call "image recognition" to track and shoot.

Infrared, ultrasonic and other methods are affected by the environment and require special identification auxiliary equipment. Therefore, image recognition technology has been replaced in practical applications. The image recognition system on the positioning and tracking overprint press directly uses the image taken by the camera to perform image difference and clustering operations, identify the position of the target object, and instruct the camera to track the object.

The positioning and tracking system adopts a unique detection method of target shape and features. The tracked person does not need auxiliary equipment, just enter the tracking area, the system can lock the tracking target, centering on the target of the locked camera screen, and control the camera to zoom in and out. The system supports multiple customization strategies, supports multi-level close-up mode, and has strong adaptability and is not affected by strong light, sound, electromagnetic and other environmental influences. The shape characteristics of objects often remain unchanged, while the edges are the basic characteristics of moving targets. Compared with the region-based matching method, the tracking method based on the contour of the target shape can segment the target more accurately.

The above is the introduction of the "location tracking" technology of the positioning tracking overprint press. Thanks for reading.