Laser lithography machine

Laser lithography machine

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Laser lithography machinehaveExposure system, lithography system and other components. Simply put, a lithography machine is an indispensable tool in chip manufacturing. Without a lithography machine, there would be no chips. The mobile processor of a mobile phone and the desktop processor of a computer are both specific forms of chips. From electric toothbrushes to aircraft rockets, modern society is inseparable from chips, so the importance of lithography machines that make chips is self-evident.

Laser lithography machineThe working principle is to cover the surface of the silicon wafer with a layer of high-sensitivity photoresist, and then uselaserBy irradiating the surface of the silicon wafer through the mask, the photoresist irradiated with light will react. After the photolithography is completed, the part of the silicon wafer that is not protected by the photoresist is processed, and finally the remaining photoresist is washed away, thereby realizing the construction process of the semiconductor device on the surface of the silicon wafer.

Laser lithography machineThe working principle does not seem to be particularly complicated, but the actual operation is very difficult and requires strong professional skills. The lithography machine is a technological product accumulated with time, technology and financial resources, and research and development also requires a certain amount of time. Thanks for reading.