Manually tighten the shaft

Manually tighten the shaft

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Manually tighten the shaftIt can be used to fix different sizes of bushings to fix cylindrical workpieces of corresponding sizes. The traditional expansion shaft is an inflatable type, and the component parts include a cylindrical shaft body, a groove hole is formed on the outer peripheral surface of the shaft body, an expansion block is arranged in the hole, and an inflatable air bag is arranged in the shaft body. The airbag is inflated by an inflator to push the expansion block out of the groove, thereby clamping the sleeves and workpieces of different sizes.

InflatableManually tighten the shaftDuring use, it has the following disadvantages:1. Not convenient to use. The expansion shaft must be used together with the inflation device, which has a strong dependence and is greatly restricted by time and place.2, Inconvenient to repair. The expansion shaft has a compact structure, high sealing requirements, high maintenance difficulty, long maintenance cycle and high cost.

In the prior art, the more common is cylindricalManually tighten the shaft,The utility model is characterized in that a hole coaxial with the main body is provided in the main body, and a push rod is provided in the hole. The push rod is provided with a tapered column top block, and the main body corresponding to the tapered column top block is provided with at least two radial through holes, and a telescopic rod pressing the tapered column top block is inserted. ThisExpansion shaftIt has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, easy maintenance and detection, and low cost. Thanks for reading.