Automatic correction control platform

Automatic correction control platform

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ToDouble shaft slitting machineOperationprocessAs an example,Automatic correction control platformcanAgainst itContinuous and accurate control of slitting accuracy in various production processes, and limiting the scrap rate and downtime tofor surelimitInside.The specific process is as follows:

The paper ejection frame is equipped with a pneumatic brake device,The brake motor keeps the paper discharge part under a certain tension, and then the base paper roller is fixedly operated through the hydraulic coupling device. The paper web is led out of the unwinding frame and passes through the deflection roller(Adjustable up and down),Paper guide rollerwithAfter the curved roller is stretched, it directly enters the slitting device of the upper and lower circular knives, and then winds the paper web into a qualified finished paper roll.

The web tension is fed back by the encoders that control the front and rear motors to form a closed-loop control without the need to install a tension sensor. Through the automatic correction control platform, the paper feed frame is always in the adjustment state, thus ensuring the qualified rate and end index of the cut product. The whole machine has compact structure, small floor area, reasonable structure, few failure points and convenient maintenance.

Automatic correction control platformStable operation and high precision,Widely used in slitting machines, providing a guarantee for stable production, Thanks for reading.