The problem of solvent evaporation in the coating and printing machine
- 2020-06-22-

Coating and printing machineinnerThe solvent is not completely volatilizedWhat will happen? The following is for you:

Printing ink transferred toCoatingAt the top, the solvent on the surface of the printing ink layer evaporates first,itsIt must diffuse into the ink film surface and evaporate to dryness.WaitAt the end of drying, the surface layer is cured,itsInternal solvent diffusion and evaporation are restricted, and residual solvents becomePrinting problems.

CoatingprintYesDry the ink by evaporation of the solvent,andThe volatilization speed is an important factor that affects the drying condition and printing quality. The slower the solvent evaporates,printedThe better the reproducibility,But this productAlthough the color is beautiful, it is easy to stick, but the phenomenon of printing becoming white will occur. therefore,use correctlyThe coating and printing machine is considered to be the key to proper volatilization. In continuous color printing, when the film is moved between two printing stations, the solvent must be completely evaporated. Otherwise, the rollers will stick together when printing at the next stop.

The organic solvent in the ink is not completely volatilized in the drying system,CoatingAfter windingIHeat, which brings continuous evaporation conditions to the residual solvent in the ink layer, forming caseThe residual solvent in the printing ink layer reaches a certain concentration, It willMaintaining the molten state, the clogging problem occurs. Therefore, the amount of residual solvent must be controlled.

CoatingThe solvents used for printing are mainly alcohols, benzenes and alcohols are mostly ethanol and isopropanol, and benzenes are mostly toluene and xylene. Due to the needs of nitrocellulose, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate and other esters must also be added. In other words, the organic solvent in the ink needs to be completely volatilized before winding. printFinishAfter the ink layer continues to dry,untilCuring.

The above isCoating and printing machineinnerSolvent evaporationProblem introduction, thanks for reading.

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