The guard function of the automatic correction control platform
- 2020-06-22-

TraditiontechnologyYesRequire users or engineering technicians to manually operate and restoreArtifactOffset, the operation method is complicated. In the case of unskilled and inexperienced users, it is difficult to ensureArtifactThe concentricity between the center and the center of the spindle is within the allowable range, resulting inequipmentDamaged or in useArtifactDrop, increase the cost of using the machine tool,Or indirectly increase the later maintenance costs of machine tool manufacturers.andAutomatic correction control platformWith a preventive function, these problems can be avoided.

whenAutomatic correction control platformFind currentArtifactLocation change, And issuedAfter the alarm, the following steps need to be performed:(1)In handwheel mode, the user willZMove up to a non-interference area,ArtifactIt can be safely rotated here.(2)Will manuallyArtifactGo tocorrectposition;(3)Lower and moveZShaft to chuck jaw and end face of spindleofBasic contact position

(4)Change the programmable controllerKparameter(Switch the hardware circuit through the programmable controller, so that the handwheel pulse can be controlledArtifactForward or reverse, andFine-tune);(5)Use handwheel controlArtifactRotation, fine-tuning, makingitsThe position of the center and the center of the spindle remains the same.(6)ReinitializeArtifact, And set the current position as the initialposition;(7)Restore original changesKparameter.

In general debugging,Automatic correction control platformThe function of returning to the middle will be used. In the normal production process, use manual/Automatic function switching to complete the production process requirements. inCorrection modeNext, the centerline correction is usually selected. For example, if the centerline is already on the printing press, you only need to correct the centerline during the production process. motor drivermeetingQuickly respond to changes in material position.

The above isAutomatic correction control platformIntroduction of the point guard function, thanks for reading.