Three characteristics of laser laser lithography machine
- 2020-06-22-

Since its invention, the laser laser lithography machine has been widely used in industrial processing, medical cosmetology, scientific research and other fields due to its excellent characteristics.itsFeatures are related to each other and can be applied to different scenarios,details as follows:

1,high brightness.The high brightness is mainly because the beam of the laser laser lithography machine has high cohesion. The high brightness characteristic indicates its energy concentration. After focusing, near the focustemperatureWill reach thousands of degrees, or even tens of thousands of degrees, can process almost all materials. High energy concentration is an important characteristic of laser. Due to its advantages in this area,Related equipmentCan be widely used in industrial processing and medical fields.

2,Monochromatic.Light colorYesDetermined by the wavelength,andLightYesHas a certain wavelength rangeof. The narrower the wavelength range, the better the monochromaticity. inordinaryIn the light source, since the frequency spectrum is wide, the frequency range is wide, and the color represented becomes complicated.butCompared with ordinary light sources, the spectral width of the laser is quite narrow.of courseThe line width of laser laser lithography machine is limited by many factors,generalReached the theoretical level. Such as changes in temperature, small vibrations of light,equipmentAirflow, external pumps and other factors will cause the resonance frequency to be unstable,As long as it is controlled within a certain range.

3,Good direction.Light emitted by ordinary light sourcesmeetingSpread in all directions, the divergence angle is large. In contrast, the laser has a small divergence angle and emits in almost parallel directions. The light emitted by the laser laser lithography machine is polarized and the direction is fixed,It is not refracted when irradiated to water Among various lasers, gas lasers are directionalVery significant, Followed by solid-state lasers, semiconductor lasers are slightly worse in this regard.

The above isLaser lithography machineIntroduction of the three features, thanks for reading.