Precautions for internal maintenance of electroforming plate-making machine
- 2020-06-22-

For printing companies, to maintain the normal and efficient operation of electroforming plate making machines, we must pay attention toMaintenance work.PlatemakermaintenanceDivided into surfacesmaintenanceAnd insidemaintenance. surfacemaintenanceYesThe basic steps,internalMaintenanceIs the key.The followingIntroductionitsinternalmaintenanceConsiderations:

One,Clean electroforming plate making machineofEdge detection strip.Position the image to the edge of the printing plate, and the output device uses an edge detection algorithm. The algorithmrelyThe image forming surface inside the output deviceSeven hundred and forty-one millimeters (two ninety-twoinch)The black non-reflection detection strip is set on the image surface of the inner edge pressure plate of the output device. To avoid edge detection errors, the edge detection strip must be cleaned once a month.Note:

1,Confirm outputequipmentNot working.2,Turn off the output device.3,Open the front door.4,Rotate the imaging drum by hand,an examinationEdge detection strip. Note: Do not grasp the right end of the imaging drum. This may damage the optical encoder in the imaging drum.5、Soak a cotton cloth with distilled water(Suitable for precision operations), Wipe only once in one direction.Be careful not to leave fingerprints and dirt on the inspection strip,wantWith dry clothagainwipeonce.

two,Clean printing roller:1,Turn off the output device,Open the front door.2、Use damp cotton cloth(Suitable for precision operations)Wipe gently.With the other hand, gently turn the printing roller.

three,Clean the drum:1,Confirm that the current version of the output device is not graphical.2,Turn off the output device,Open the front door.3、Use damp cotton cloth(Suitable for precision operations)Wipe gently,With the other hand, gently flip the drum.

The above isElectroforming plate making machineofinternalmaintenancePrecautions, Thanks for reading.