Features of isometric molding machine without bottom pressing
- 2020-06-22-

No need to press the bottomofIsometric molding machineWhat are the characteristics? The following is for you:

(1)No need to press down the bottom mold,saveOffThe cost of stamping the bottom mold. There is no need to carry the bottom mold, and there are no troubles such as storage. Increased efficiency, overall productivity and quality,Reduce operator workload.

(2) Three hundred and sixtyUniform pressure without dead angle.Avoid shifting and misalignment,Avoid wrinkling. Side walls of any curvature and height can be evenly pressed. You can use any hard material, such asTPUrubber. The decoration can press out the perfect effect without being damaged, and will not affect the stress test result.

(3)Energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection.No use of motor power, reduceNinety-five percentNoise and heat. With traditionalMolding machinecompared toveryEnergy saving. The utility modelequipmentIt is easy to use and does not require complicated procedures, forming at one time.

(4)The safety factor is very high. Have aprofessionDevelopment, training and after-sales teams to carry out efficient and high-quality after-sales service and maintenance.

(5)The specifications areOne thousand and seventyMm*One hundred and thirtyMm*Nineteen hundredMm;The weight is700 kg. The power supply isTwo hundred twentyVolt*sixtyhertz,fiftyHertz, single phaseOne ampere,Ten percentcompatible.

The above isNo need to press the bottomofIsometric molding machineFeatures introduction.Our companycanProvide users with comprehensive solutions to help enterprises inMoldingImprove efficiency and reduce costs during the processwithQuality Control. E.gIf you are confused when managing file applications, provide an expertSolve the problem.welcomeneedUserContact us,We willMake every effortprovide support. For more information, please click on our official website, thanks for reading.