Positional tracking product advantages
- 2020-06-22-

Positioning tracking overprint molding pressHigh adjustability and high cost performance. Its parameters, size, opening, stroke, speed, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements, and its product advantages are as follows:

(1)Using hydraulic force, the slider adopts octahedral guide system, with high adjustment accuracy and good rigidity, and it is not easy to cause deviation of accuracy after adjustment

(2) The hydraulic system can save energy between 40% and 80%;

(3) The noise is less than 75 decibels;

(4) The pressure control accuracy is within ±0.2 MPa;

(5) The position control accuracy is within ±0.5mm;

(6) The equipment speed is increased by 50%;

(7) The oil temperature heating is reduced by 50%, no oil cooler is needed, and the service life of the seal becomes longer;

(8) The pressure, slider position, flow rate and action speed can be set and displayed digitally, and the positioning and tracking function can be operated more intelligently, reducing the vibration of the equipment and extending the life of the mold;

(9)Positioning tracking overprint molding pressThe design is self-contained, the hydraulic system and electronic control system are installed on the body, and the top maintenance and configuration platform;

(10) Can be used for the circuit of the cylinder connection on the mold;

(11) Adopting four corners and eight sides to adjust the guide rail, with high precision and strong resistance to partial load;

(12) Self-lubricating guide rail;

(13) The body is made of low-alloy structure with higher strength.

(14) Remote after-sales service system, quick maintenance at a later stage;

(15) All metal plates surround the safety protection system, moldedformingWhen it is closed, you can make an appointment for the exhaust outlet;

(16) Quickly lift the safety protection door;

(17) Grating protection;

(18) Intelligent operating system;

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