Advanced performance of laser marking aluminum washer platform
- 2020-06-22-

In the traditional manufacturing industry, printing technology has always been an important part. This technology can intuitively reflect product information.Such asEquipment nameplateusuallyReflectsitsThe basic parameters, the wire logo reflects the company name and model, the beverage logo reflects the production date, etc.LetIt is easier for users to have a basic understanding of the product.TraditionThe printing technologies include inkjet printing, metal engraving printing, sealing marks, etc..In these waysAllThere is a correspondingNotableCraft defects,untilLaser marking aluminum washing machine platformAppeared to solve these problems.

Laser marking aluminum washing machine platformofThe technical principle is to change the molecular structure of the outer surface of the material by short-wavelength laser, so that the set information content is displayed at the corresponding marking position, without causing mechanical deformation and thermal deformation of the processed material. Laser marking technology is to mark by changing the surface properties of the material, the information is not easy to scrape. platformJust plug in the power supply, no special consumables, high processing efficiency, linear marking speed up toTen thousandMm/In more than seconds, this technology has made up for various technical defects of traditional marking technology.Value.

Compared with traditional technology, laser marking technology also has new application characteristics:Bar code/Two-dimensional code marking. Thanks to the laser marking technology programming software can receiveVariousFormat files, and automatically generate various serial numbers, production dates, QR codes, etc., advanced image processing capabilities, socanAdd barcode, QR code and other images on the nameplate for convenienceOffManagement of entry and exit departments.Information on the nameplate frominnocentTexttransferimprove toOffTextversusSynthesis of imagestransfer.

The above isLaser marking aluminum washing machine platformThank you for reading the advanced nature of the performance.