Why the ink of the multi-station screen printing machine dries
- 2020-06-22-

leadUpMulti-station screen printing machineThe reason for the ink drying is due to the wrong setting or wear along the ink plate,useWhen printing fine images with high screen counts, along the ink platemeetingDeformation or wear, the clarity of the surrounding image is reduced, and the ink may not pass normallyMesh. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to periodically flip along the ink plate to extenditsEdge life, or before the text printing quality does not deteriorateonReplace with a new ink plate.

In addition,If the ink control and printing speed control are not correct, the supply will become uneven and the ink will be insufficient.Mesh alsoWill dry quickly. In order for the grid to function properly, care must also be taken to remove dirt from ink and printed matter. Due to static adsorption of pollutants in the air and poor storage conditions, sometimes dirt will adhere to the surface of the printed matter. The above problems can be solved by improving storage conditions and process control. In addition, using an electrostatic remover and a dirt removal device can Prevent dust transfer from the printed surface into the grid.

thatin caseYesMulti-station screen printing machineofWhat should I do if the template is contaminated? Please completejobsRearMakeThe printer stopsrun, Then enter the absorbent paper so that the wire mesh isOfcontact. Put the screen on the printing position, usededicateddetergentwithWipe the dirt with a non-abrasive cloth, do not use excessive force, the dirt passesMeshFall onto the absorbent paper below, wash with another absorbent paper if necessaryMesh. dropped inTop layerOf dirt particlesmeetingVery large, you can use a soft clothMake itglue together. After cleaning, use a hair dryer to dry the template.

The above isReasons for ink drying of multi-station screen printing machineIntroduction.In the production process, the above cleaning and decolorization are often usedofthe way,canextendequipmentLife expectancyProductDefective rate, Thanks for reading.