Advanced performance of manual tightening shaft
- 2020-06-22-

Manually tighten the shaftYesOne can fix round tube in winding operation inanotherOn a rotating shafttool. In paper, plastic film, metal foil, fiber fabricOther productsIn the production and processing process, they must be wound on a round tube, and the round tube is fixed on the rotating shaft.

traditionalThe torque required for expansion and contraction of the expansion shaft is large, which is inconvenient for loading and unloading, and the intermediate expansion force during the production processmeetingInsufficient, loose outer tube, affecting product quality;orThe nuts at both ends of the rotating shaft are used to push the outer tile to move in the axial direction, and the outer coiled tube cannot be installed in an ideal position. If it is used to transfer the machine, transfermeetingBecome difficult and easily become waste;anotherThe situation isOn axisZThe zigzag screw, the torque required when expanding and shrinking is large,equipmentEasy to loosen, low concentricity, poor self-locking performance and high cost.

The manual expansion shaft can smoothly penetrate the round tube when the outer diameter of the reel becomes small, and expand automatically when a force in one direction is applied.canReliably fix round tubeon. The expansion shaft has high concentricity, simple manufacture, low cost, easy assembly and disassembly, small torque and light weight,It will expand automatically when it is pulled in one directionThe advantages.

Its product features areOne or several conical nuts are installed on the threaded shaft, and a plurality of pull-out pins are provided on the nut. When the shaft is rotated, the pin moves in the axis direction by the linkage of the pins. Through the movement of the conical nut, several baffles distributed outside the shaft are pushed up or down. Slot holes along the axial direction, including expansion plate, expansion core and drive components.The expansion core is set on the cone table,versusThe screwdriver with the same contact surface is connected to the expansion piece.

The above isManually tighten the shaftFor its advanced performance, please click on our official website for more information, thanks for reading.