Working principle of automatic die cutting machine
- 2020-06-22-

The working principle of automatic die cutting machine is to use steel knife, metal mold, steel wire(Or a mold for carving steel plates),useEmbossed versionApply a certain amount of pressure to roll the printed matter and cardboard into a certain shape. Cut the entire print into individual graphic productsonDie cutting;Indentation of printed matter with steel wire, leaving curved groove marks called indentation;Use Yin and Yang templates to heat the mold to a certaintemperature,Hot stamping patterns and fonts with a three-dimensional effect on the surface of the printed matter is called foil printing;Put a substratecoverIs called lamination on another substrate;Leave the restIPartial removal is called expulsion;This technology is collectively called die cutting technology.

Die cutting technology isIndentation by model and die cutting by templateThe general name of the technology. Its principle is that in the shaping mold, the size of the pressure applied to the printed media paper is subjected to compression deformation and fracture separation.Die cutting machineThe main parts are the die-casting table andMoldingmechanism. The plate to be processed is between these two, and the finishing processing of demoulding is completed under pressure.

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, when consumers buy goods, they not only put forward high requirements on the intrinsic quality of the goods,alsoDesign for packaging decorationAlso have certain requirements, Also includes the quality requirements for packaging after printing. Die cutting is an important production technology for post-print processing. It is suitable for the finishing of various printed materials. The quality of die cutting directly affects the overall market image of the product. Only traditional technologyThe essence ofwithR & DNew technologies can effectively improve the competitiveness of printing enterprises.

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