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Technical advantages of isometric molding machine
- 2020-06-22-

Isometric molding machineDivided intoAutomatic molding,Hot mouldingAnd laserMoldingWait.And compression molding (Also known as compressionforming)Put powder, granular or fibrous plastic intofor sureIn the mold cavity under temperature, the mold is closed and pressed to make it solidify.MoldingcanForThermosetting plastics, thermoplastics, rubber materialsand many more.

Molding machine has automatic program control function,byHydraulic system realizationOffAutomatic constant temperature, automatic deflation, automatic demoulding, automatic control time. Due to the vulcanization of the mechanical link mechanism, soWill not appearBulging, breaking, degumming and other phenomena, Molding materialsurfacevery muchclean.

laserIsometric molding machineIs to use the principles of interference and diffraction,The technology of recording and reproducing the light wave surface of an object. Use the principle of interference to record object light wave information, that is, the subject is irradiated with laser light to form a diffused object beam, which overlaps and interferes with the object light.inMoldingMachine production line,The phase and amplitude of each point of the object light are converted into spatially varying intensity, and the information and information of the object light are recorded using the contrast and spacing between the interference fringes.

And moldingThe advantages are:(1)Less loss of raw materials, no excessive loss(Usually of product quality2%~5%);(2)Low internal stress, small warpage, and stable mechanical properties.(3)The mold cavity wear is small, and the mold maintenance cost is low.(4)The cost of the molding equipment is low, the mold structure is simple, and the manufacturing cost is usually lower than the injection mold.(5)Large flat products can be formed. Product sizePressThe clamping force of the machine and the size of the template determine.(6)The product shrinkage rate is small,formingit is good.

The above isIsometric molding machineIntroduction of technical advantages, thanks for reading.