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Product features of positioning and tracking overprint press
- 2020-06-22-

Positioning tracking overprint molding machine is mainly used for the overall molding of thermosetting plastic productsformingThe product features are as follows:

(1) The frame can be disassembled and preloaded, the unit has strong overall rigidity and easy installation.

(2) Adopting four corners and eight directions to adjust the guidance, high precision and strong resistance to partial load.

(3) The positioning and tracking overprint press is equipped with a maintenance platform, which is environmentally friendly, low noise, and easy to maintain.

(4) To five hundred millimeters/sFast speed mold clamping, fast high pressureforming,formingShort cycle.

(5) Robots enter and exit materials, and a safe and stable rapid waste recycling system.

(6) Servo high-speed precision control system, can be set to open, fast response speed, high energy saving rate.

(7) With exhaust gas purification system, remote after-sales service system, double closed-loop servo system.

(8) Adopt double closed-loop servo system, the pressure control accuracy can reach zero and five megapascals, and the position control accuracy can reach zero and five millimeters.

(9) The guide rail has a large area and strong resistance to partial load.

(10) Multi-cylinder uniform structure, moldedformingMore stable.

(11) Slow pressurization at multiple speedsforming, Reasonable appointment of exhaust time.

(12) The servo system responds quickly, with full digital control, and the oil pump can save energy between 40% and 80%.

(13) Microcomputer closed-loop heating control system, temperature adjustment reaches ±2Celsius, mold heating can save more than 10% of electricity.

(14) Appearance design is reasonable;

(15)ledMachine tool lighting configuration, convenient operation;

(16) Optional parts configuration: cutting machine, fast fixture, double closed-loop servo system, mobile worktable, etc.

The above is the introduction of the product features of the positioning tracking overprint press,For more information, please click on our official website,Thanks for reading.