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Technical overview and characteristics of laser marking aluminum washer platform
- 2020-06-22-

The laser marking aluminum washing machine platform is widely used in industry nameplate processing. The laser is mostly produced by carbon dioxide and optical fiber materials. The laser beam is used to make permanent marks on the surface of various substances.Its principleIt is due to the evaporation of the surface layer material to expose the deep layer material, according to the light energy to produce chemical and physical changes in the surface layer material leaving traces.Light energyMakePart of the material burns and appearsOffVarious patterns such as etching, characters, and bar codes are desired.

Laser marking aluminum washing machine platformofThe technology is to use laser to replace the conventional steel needle engraving, and to change the surface material of the stainless steel nameplate with fiber laser to engrave the corresponding information.itsProcessing speed isTraditional wayof10More than times, andTraditional wayThe engraving material is relatively soft and can only be applied to aluminum nameplates, etc.Material.Materials with high hardness such as stainless steel have poor engraving effect, and the clarity of the printing is low, which is difficult to identify with the naked eye.The characteristics of laser marking are summarized as follows:

Stable laser power and high printing resolution; (1)Suitable for most metal materials; (2)High processing efficiency, printing speed is traditional engraving machine10More than; (3)No operating system restrictions, easy operation programming, light path is completely closed and stable, no maintenance required; (4)Only use electricity, no other consumables, equipment life is long, the life of commercially available equipment is10More than ten thousand hours; (5)Low noise, can be used in the office, power consumption is also lowerTraditionLow model; (6)Ultra-high precision, the resolution of commercially available equipment is about2500dpi; (7)Compared with previous models, because of the laser printing, there is no need to contact the nameplate, so there is no need to set up suction tools and mechanical fixturesComeFixed nameplate.

The above isLaser marking aluminum washing machine platformofTechnology OverviewWith the feature introduction, thanks for reading.