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Working principle and advantages of laser laser lithography machine
- 2020-06-22-

Laser laser processing technology isSixty last centuryThe disciplines developed at the beginning of the decade have great technical potential. After years of development, laser laser lithography machineAlreadyBecome an integral part of advanced manufacturing technology. becauseitsThere are three characteristics of single phase, parallel and coherent, especially suitable for material processing,Widely used in punching, welding, heat treatment and other fields.

Laser lithography machineworkThe principle is to use the laser as the heat source,Hot work on the workpiece. It is to irradiate the surface of the workpiece with a laser beam,useThe ultra-high energy of the laser cuts the molten material and changes the performance of the surface of the object. Because the tool and the workpiece are not in direct contact during laser processing, no frictional resistance is generated, so laser processing has a very fast processing speed and does not generate noise within a small thermal influence range.

Compared with the previous thermal processing, laser laser processing materials have the following advantages: (1)Wide range of processing objects. Laser can process all kinds of metal and non-metal materials, especially for processing hard and brittle non-metal materials such as high hardness, heat-resistant alloys, ceramics, gemstones, quartz, glass and so on.(2)Good processing quality and high precision. The laser has high energy density, fast processing speed, and small workpiece deformation, which can be processed at high speed.Such asLaser lithography machineofThe rotor balance accuracy can reach micron or sub-micron level.(3)It saves the consumption of energy and materials, the thermal deformation is small, and the secondary processing can be omitted. High economic efficiency,Equipment operation and maintenance costs are low.(4)Laser processing is less harmful and can operate in extreme environments.

The above isLaser lithography machineWorking principle and advantages.Researchers must use technologyforFirst, focus on product industrialization,Large-scale research, continuous innovation and continuous improvement, Thanks for reading.