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Application field of automatic die cutting machine
- 2020-06-22-

Automatic die cutting machine is a machine that cooperates with fixed die cutting.Die cutting machineThere are many types: fully automaticDie cutting machine,automaticDie cutting machineRound pressureDie cutting machine, DryDie cutting machineFlatDie cutting machineHot stampingDie cutting machine, ManualDie cutting machine,printDie cutting machineWidely used in shoes, leather goods, bags, toys, clothing, hat industry, packaging wood industrywithAutomobile decoration and other industries.

Die cutting machineThere are many types and the related fields are very wide,Including the electronics industry, mechanical processing industry, food industry, medical industry, packaging industry, etc. versusDie-cut productsRelated electronicsSuch as:MP3,MP4, Copiers, digital cameras, digital video cameras, notebook computers, mobile phones, meters and other electronic communicationsproduct. as well asdigitalITProduct parts, medical equipment, etc.and alsoAutomatic die cutting machine is widely used.Die-cut productsIs also very versatile,itsWith different material properties, put into different electronic componentscanTo play its role, it has functions such as anti-vibration, insulation, conductive shielding, and pasting.

Automatic die cutting machine is also called CNC punching machine, mainlyApply toRelated non-metallic materials, rubber, double-sided tape, etc.ofDie cutting(Fully broken, half broken), Indentation,Hot stamping operation, lamination, automatic dischargeWait for homework. Die cutting machineIncluding steel knife, metal mold, steel wireWait,After printing and packagingformingImportant equipment.Specific applications are:

1.Backlight module series: black and white double-sided tape, brightness enhancement film, diffusion film, reflective film, double-sided tape, etc.2.Adhesive series: double-sided tape and various single-sided series: anti-vibration foamed cotton such as protective film and electrostatic film.4.Insulation Materials:PC,PVC,PETWait.5.Shielding materials: conductive foam, conductive tape, conductive copper, aluminum foil tape.6.Various other high precisionMoldingProcessed products.

The above isAutomatic die cutting machineIntroduction to the field of application, thanks for reading.