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Components of an automatic correction control platform
- 2020-06-22-

Automatic correction control platformThe components are as follows:

  1. Control System.Automatic correction control platformofThe control system ensures that in various production processes,Continuous and accurate control of various types of materials, and waste productsrateAnd downtime is limited tofor sureLevelInside. A complete correction control system,itsThe controller is generally installed on the console. According to the actual needs for corresponding debugging, to meet the requirements of the process.

  2. sensor. According to the actual situation, the scenecanSelect an optical sensor with line correction. The signal detected by the optical sensor is transmitted to the controller, and the controller sends corresponding instructions to the actuator to makePartscorrespondingofAdjustment.

    3,Correction mode.Correction mode'S runDepends on the degree of material handling.againstRaw material,Can only be based onitsThe edge or center line is corrected because these materials have no other comparative features for reference. However, the processed material has more features that can be used for deviation correction, such as printed lines or contrasting edges. Using analog or digital sensors, the position of the material can be scanned. Based on the scan results, it is converted into other signals that can be used to control the actuator.

    4,Controller.The controller is easy to install and the components are arranged reasonably and clearly. When setting, the user only needs to select the component(Sensors, pushers, etc.)Connected to the setup menu, the controller will automatically match all relevant control parameters. When operating, the user only needs to select the operating mode(Automatic, manual or centered)And correction mode(Left calibration, right calibration or centerline calibration).

    The above isAutomatic correction control platformIntroduction of the components, thanks for reading.