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Dirt removal method of multi-station screen printing machine
- 2020-06-22-

useMulti-station screen printing machineWhen screen printing, the screen printing plateUpDecontamination treatment is inevitableStepsBut we oftenwantPrinting various types of products can not alwaysFrequent laborRemove dirt, resulting incostwaste,alsoAffect the printing quality, shorten the life of the template. The following is for youIntroductioncorrectDirt removal method.

If there is dirt or dry ink on the printed part of the image file, ifYesRemove dirt on the silk screen,That needs to beMulti-station screen printing machineStop runningThen lift the screen frame,at this timestaff memberuseThe cloth coated with solvent rubs against the underside of the template,not onlyCan be heard throughout the printing sitenoise,AlsoTemplates are often damaged.

Real expert operators rarely rub the printed side of text hard,becausePrint resolutionThe requirements are——All text edges need to maintain a clear emulsion layer text picture. Strong friction will destroy the text interface of the emulsion layer,EvenWipe off the emulsion layer, leavingOffPeeling mesh. When printing a color image with a high screen count, the emulsifier film under the line is only5-6MicronThickness, the wire diameter of the grid itselfand alsoonly30Micron, So you can't rub hard. therefore,correctDirt removal method firstYesDon't contaminate the template.

The main cause of template contamination is improper ink control,resulting inDry ink remains in the grid. Use solvent inkorImproper control when using water-based inkThe performance isInk is too thin or too sticky,The state of the modulated ink has not changed. useUVImproper control when hardening inkThe performance isUltraviolet lightOffon the screen, So you should try to avoid these dirt from the root cause.

The above isMulti-station screen printing machinedirtofRemoval methodIntroduction, thanks for reading.