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Process characteristics, classification and process content of isometric molding machine
- 2020-07-06-

The process characteristics, classification and flow of the isometric molding machine are as follows:

1. Process characteristics: 1. Semi-dry method or dry method forming. Adopting moulded prepreg, good working environment; 2. Molding can ensure the shape and size requirements of the molded product, the inner and outer surfaces are smooth; 3. Heating and pressure forming, the product structure is dense, the degree of hardening is high; 4. With high heating, High pressure equipment, such as heating plates, hydraulic presses, etc.; 5. Medium degree of mechanization; 6. In order to obtain high-performance molded products, the process control conditions are complicated; 7. Limited by the size of the isometric molding machine, the size of products with complex shapes will be compared small;

2. Process classification (according to the classification of reinforced materials): 1. Molding of fiber materials: short fiber prepreg; 2. Fabric molding: two-way, three-way or multi-way fabric prepreg (improve the shear strength between product layers and cost) High); 3. Lamination: prepreg or felt, laminated pad; 4. Fragment molding: cutting the prepreg into cotton yarn (suitable for products with a certain depth and thickness and complicated shape); 5. Molding of molded parts: short fibers are made into pre-shaped parts close to the shape and size of the product, and resin is added when placed in the mold;

3. The purpose of preheating the process content. 1. The purpose of preheating the molding material: to improve the fluidity of the material, which can be pre-pressed and easy to assemble; remove most of the moisture and volatiles of the material and improve the performance of the product; reduce the pressure of the molding, reduce the wear of the cavity, and extend the mold The life of the mold 2. The purpose of the mold preheating: Since the mold temperature and the material preheating temperature are approximately the same, there will be no temperature difference between the two; reduce the molding pressure; reduce the grinding of the mold cavity; extend the life of the mold; shorten the curing cycle, Increase productivity.

The above is the introduction of the process characteristics, classification and process content of the isometric molding machine, thank you for reading.