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Coat the ink used in the printing machine
- 2020-06-22-

Coating and printing machineThe manufactured products often have such problems:After printing plastic film or transparent paper, the impression of printing is dry.During the storage period after printing the reel or bag, the back dirt appears again. In severe cases, the printed matter is not disconnected, the text ink layer is transferred, and the productOnlyWas abandoned. Although this phenomenon is easy to occur in high temperature season, high temperature is not the only cause of adhesion, but the volatilization rate of plastic, ink, solvent, operating environmentAnd the device itselfA series of factors are closely related.

Take ink as an example,At present, the ink used in the all-in-one coating and printing machine is a solvent-based ink, which is composed of connecting materials resin, pigment, solvent and the like.among themConnection material resinThe role isIt is firmly bonded with the printed film, does not block after printing and winding, has flexibility, can withstand a certain high temperature, and is not affected by changes in external factors within a certain range.

The softening point of the connecting material resin directly affects the performance of the printing ink layer. If the softening point of the connection material resin is too low, the printing ink layer will be slightly melted in a high-temperature environment, and the coating will be blocked after being wound.In other words,Increasing the softening point of the connection material resin is beneficial to prevent blocking.However, if the softening point is too high, the flexibility of the printed ink layer becomes poor, and the coatingonEasy to become brittle. ToPE,PPThe commonly used polyamide ink for film is an example. The connecting material of the ink is polyamide resin, generally a linear polymer with low molecular weight, which is dimer acid and alkyl(Aryl)Obtained by polycondensation of diamine, the softening point is usually100~110.

In order to meet the needs of printing, considering the economy, usuallymeetingAdd mixed solvent to the ink during printing. The better the solubility, the greater the affinity of the connecting material resin and solvent molecules,The better the solubility.

The above is rightCoating and printing machineIntroduction of the ink used, thanks for reading.