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The advantages and selection methods of electroforming plate making machine
- 2020-06-22-

The electroforming plate-making machine is generally divided into four types: inner drum type, outer drum type, plate type and curve type. Of the four types, currently usedCompareMost are inner and outer drumsformula, Of which the performance of the outer drum plate-making machineMore prominent.

There are four electroforming plate making machinesNotableAdvantages can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of enterprises, Respectively: (1)Shorten the printing preparation time and fully improve the printing efficiency;(2)Strengthen the control of outlets to achieve quality printing;(3)Reduce the plate-making process, save time and speed up the delivery cycle;(4)Strengthen workflow management.

understoodElectroforming plate making machineBasic performanceselectTo qualified equipment? The following is introduced to you: (1)Investigate the quality of the platesetter:heatsensewithLaser Plate Making NetworkofQuality has always been the focus of debate.The application of different workflow characteristics, frequency modulation and network technology are also different.Generally speakingPrinting houseShould be based onneed,Objective evaluation and appropriate comparisonEquipment suitable for you.

(2)Investigate production capacity: The printing house should choose the speed of the plate-making machine according to its own production capacity. The speed of the plate-making machine is generally divided into grades according to the model and configuration. The faster the machine speed, the higher the price. Don't blindly pursue speed. If it is not decided according to the actual situation of its own factory, it will not be able to exert its effect if it is bought back.

(3)See if the model production capacitycanimprove:SuggestselectcanImprove equipment plate making speedofmodel,WaitWith the addition of printing machines in the future, the speed of the plate-making machine can quickly meet the production requirements. in caseequipmentCannot be upgraded,Only another plate-making machine can be added,this is reallyNot cost-effectiveof.

The above isElectroforming plate making machineThe advantages and selection methods, thanks for reading.