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Product advantages and structure of manual expansion shaft
- 2020-06-22-

Manually tighten the shaftProduct advantages and structureas follows:

1. Product advantages. (1)The expansion can be achieved through the interaction of the expansion plate and the expansion coretightPurpose, simple structure, simple operation, can quickly expandtight,not depend ondedicatedThe device can be used anytime and anywhere.(2)SwelltightSimple disassembly, easy installation and maintenance,Cost-effective.(3)Rapid expansion, the force of the driving component is large enough when expanding, regardless of the rotation speed of the machinecanHold the part tightly, not affected by mechanical vibration.(4)By adjusting the length of the adjustment section, the diameter after expansion can be controlled to further expandOffThe range of use of different sizes of bushes or bushings for manual expansion shafts, compared with expansion shaftsitsThe scope of application is wider.

2. Product structure.The bottom of the expansion plate extends to both sides to form a limit block, the expansion port moves in the radial direction, so that the stopper is engaged with the inner wall of the expansion tube. And was inflatedcoverThe cover plate and the driving part are connected with the expanded iron core via the cover plate.Its alsoAn adjustment part is provided. One end of the adjustment part forms a connection part that can be adjusted with the driver, and the other end is connected to the dilator to adjust the distance between the driver and the dilator.BulgeOne end of the is provided with a passage in the radial direction, and the other end of the adjustment partBulgeconnection.

The driving component includes a hand, a fixed part, a pressing part, and a stroke limiter.The fixing part penetrates through the sealing plate and is fixedly connected with the sealing plate. The fixing part is provided with an inner cavity, the hand is formed at a right angle, and the two ends of the stroke limiting part are respectivelyversusRight angle of fixing part and handconnectionAt the other end, the hinge moves the pusher in the axial direction.

The above isManually tighten the shaftProduct advantages and structure introduction, thanks for reading.